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Not all Umbrellas are the same, see how we are different

If you are looking for an Umbrella Service Provider that actually listens to its clients and what the contracting industry are telling us, then please read on.

i-Paye understands the uniqueness of each individual’s circumstances and has tailored three services for individuals working in the United Kingdom, fees are charged based upon what you want not what can be cheaply added to the package.

We believe that the way i-Paye charges for its services will become the industry standard and as such quite revolutionary.

All Umbrella Companies should...

  • Raise invoices to your client on time every time.
  • Process Expense Claims and verify them against HMRC Guidance.
  • Send your payments to clear by the latest the close of business on the day of receipt, free of charge, or alternatively you should have cleared funds by 9am on that day.
  • Pay you when they receive funds whether weekly or monthly, even fortnightly.
  • Send you a payslip.
  • Give you the option to accrue your holiday entitlement, not insist it is paid out automatically.
  • Provide a key point of contact for all your contract and payroll queries.
  • Cover you and third parties under their Comprehensive Insurance Package.
  • Cover your work under their Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Cover you whether you are onshore or offshore.

i-Paye does as standard.

Other Umbrella Companies...

  • Charge you a fee based upon what they can get away with.

i-Paye charges a fee based upon what you need from us.

  • Pure Express £10.00 per working week
  • Pure Advance From £12.00 to £20.00 per working week
  • Pure Gold £25.00 per working week


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